The Hill in a Dark Grove, reprieve…


We had known for some time, courtesy of Rupert Soskin, that the resident stone of the inner chamber at Bryn Celli Ddu is part of a petrified tree trunk.



And once we had our eye in it became apparent that other ‘chunks’ of petrified wood had been used in the construction of this chambered tomb.


At least two, and almost certainly more, of the ‘entrance’ or indeed ‘exit’ stones and the lintel of the passage itself readily conformed to the strange specification.



This was very exciting, for while we may have been able to extrapolate a workable symbolism behind the use of such material for the stone of the inner chamber, this symbolism was, perhaps, not so readily applicable to the surrounds of the passage-way…



And was also, possibly, an indication of a more utilitarian function for these stones.


The mind… began… to boggle.

19 thoughts on “The Hill in a Dark Grove, reprieve…

  1. Absolute magic Stuart (no pun intended) and gorgeous images. Pointing out the petrified tree trunk- I was gobsmacked and yet it made so much sense when you said it, but like on some deep wordless level. I think we keep coming back to this conversation every few comments but the ancients were so – I don’t know I wish I had the words but – but I suppose that’s it. It really is beyond words. Just grateful you guys are so tuned in – the words really stir things up deep down in the old atavistic core when I read your and Sue’s haunting posts.

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    1. Thanks Paul… I know your dilemma, it is difficult to put into words…check out ‘Standing with Stones ‘ if you get chance. They put us onto the petrified wood ‘thing’ although even they hadn’t quite realised the extent at Bryn Celli Ddu. The ‘magic’ continues at 12 noon tomoz…

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  2. Is it known whether these pieces of petrified wood were brought from elsewhere? If so, and especially if they were carried some distance, that suggests a more than utilitarian value. If they just happened to be nearby, their cylindrical shapes may have been the main reason for using them. Either way, its an interesting discovery!

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  3. I think I have read something the two of you wrote about this place before, or perhaps it is the part about the light show. I honestly cannot remember now, but it seems a very worthy part. One of the pieces at the entrance seems to be a sculpted rock or petrified wood piece, and there seems to be a deeply carved face of something carved carefully within it. Thank you kindly.

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