A Simple Soul?…






Or superficial?

Blissful in ignorance rather than poised,

tight-rope like, upon the very lip of uncertainty…


We have no words for it,

this ‘traffic jam’ of artifice

which we seem content to pursue.


Our infinite regress of virtuosity

is no more than a virtual virus.


Our end?

Yet another blind-bumper away from the real.

6 thoughts on “A Simple Soul?…

  1. Hi Stuart, This sounds very dark for your usual writing, though I am multiple posts behind and trying hard to catch up a bit every day. I am not truly sure what this this is intended to mean, but this is what I think about the universe and all of the things going on in it. No matter how much we would like to change in the way the universe is beginning to collapse, the reality is that we can do no more but to read and to speak out, but even that is not enough to change things in the long run. Just as the primitive peoples, no matter how aware they were of the natural processes in the universe, nor as the Gods themselves could not change the overall changes in the world from happening, so it is for all of us. That is not meant to be a dismal statement, but if you are speaking of truth of about seeking peace and happiness, what more could any of us do? This life does not seem to be a world where we reach goals and dreams, but one where we learn what we can, and do what we can throughout our lifetimes. I somewhat believe if we don’t get it right (if we ever do), we get to come back in some form of energy and try to resolve issues that may have existed thousands of eons before our time and I am not even sure the Gods are involved, though they may be. Each day we all do what we can do, and for some who perhaps grew out with no training or good encouragement to try to do wonderful things, life will be dismal. Yes, it seems that the youth particularly, always have their faces stuck in their cell phones or their music sources, and they seem oblivious to anything greater than that. Likely that is their lot in this life. I know many of the juvenile delinquents and illiterate children I tutored and worked with over the years had never had normal nurturing childhoods. How can we expect such people to do more? Every now and then, someone overcomes such circumstances or others that get in the way of growth, but it is not in any way the norm.

    The world has changed much and is continuing to evolve with the universe every day. What will be will be. We all need to learn, perhaps as people have learned throughout time, that failure to take action will lead continually to disaster.

    As I noted, I may be completely off base, but this is what I am reading. Politics and religion throughout the world are broken and not serving anything positive. It is power against power, control against control and so it goes era after. Whether I got this right or not, it is what I thought of when I read this. Thank you so kindly for sharing it. We DO need a wake up, though I am not sure at this point that it can really change the things of this world or this universe.

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      1. Thanks Stuart. That puts a different perspective on it, and this is really interesting. I saw an interesting documentary the other night about the Hubble Observatory and the amazing things that were discovered by Hubble, and How those things were thought of at the time because they were so far out – others were thinking that Hubble (doesn’t seem that is spelled right) that he was also trying to create virtual worlds, but in the end result, they WERE real ones. I wonder if there is really a separation of the two worlds. This will keep me putting on the thinking cap for awhile.

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          1. I remember what it was about now. He discovered a planet that does not hold with any of the things previously identified as consistent for planets. He discovered that one planet had variable movement and light. It has nevr been seen before in another other planet, and I guess it was quite controversial, but it has been proven to be true. There is so much we don’t know even now about our planet.

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