Dragon’s Eye…


… The hollow of Dragon Hill affords a stunning vista of the Manger and the Giant’s Stairs.

From this vantage the sheer scale of the site starts to impinge upon my consciousness.

I concur with Wen that the laity would have congregated in the bowl or chalice of the hill where we now stand, shaped as it is it forms a natural amphitheatre and the scoured grass beneath our feet which according to tradition is the spot where St. George ‘loosed the Dragon’s blood’ is clearly as anything a missing piece off the horse on the hill opposite.

I am minded of the myth of Isis and Osiris and the search of the Goddess for her brother’s dismembered body…

The other disconcerting thing, from our point of view, is that the figure is not wholly visible from this elevation.

One would need to be a lot higher up or further back to make out the entire shape.

It is though, nevertheless, a highly dramatic landscape.

We have crossed to the opposite hill now and stand contemplating the eye of the dragon…


13 thoughts on “Dragon’s Eye…

  1. I must go back and reread some of the information I had researched about Osiris. As I do recall, his body was dismembered into fourteen pieces, but again, I am going from memory, so need to reread the information. It is so odd for I just mentioned something related to Osiris in a note about studies.

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        1. Thank you kindly. I don’t want to get totally lost, and there are so many directions we can go in this study. I think my comments over time are a good example. I am off on a hunt for better understanding every time there is a new post almost. And sometimes when we look too hard, we miss the crucial things. Looking back on some of the assumptions I have made, I can see my errors in thinking. It was still fun to go on the journey, but perhaps I need to read and reread. I am going to read that book when I get through some other reading I have in front of me now. I am trying to go too fast, and I know I need to go back more into what I already have studied to look at least once more at my perceptions.

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            1. Ooooooh, you made my day!!!! Well, this process of learning – going forward, then back, then to this side and then that is all great fun! At my age, it is good to keep my mind active and looking for the answers to mysteries!!!

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