Cycles of Life…


Does the religious life require leisure,

or the idleness of the leisured class?

Certainly, those classes have always held work to be degrading.


It is easy to see why.

Modern labour, predominantly indoors and sedentary can educate one into disbelief.

The past two-hundred years have shown us how work in heavy industry

is wont to render refinements of the soul redundant.


A generation or two after any revolution of this sort

and the very term ‘religion’ elicits only a dull, uncomprehending stare.


But could there be a correlation between religious sentiment and the natural life?

Most traditional deities slot seamlessly into the seasonal round.

And work in this realm serves to remind one of the greater cycles that govern existence.

One of which, it may be argued, is… religion.




4 thoughts on “Cycles of Life…

  1. I think you have a good point here, Stuart. Modern people feel more in control of death due to modern medicine and, as a result, are less religious. Dominance of nature, however temporary, has given people a sense of power.

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  2. I think that the ability to continue to be unattached to the many distractions of the day, the shorthand language of single syllables, etc. is perhaps one of the most desirable traits one can have. To remain true to self, and at the same time open to learn and to absorb all the things around us and to become one with our world in its beautiful nature. Thank you for such a good post. Anne always

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