The Beauty of Corners…



“Well, that could have been worse,” conceded Butch, settling back onto his customary perch with a slither of leathery wings.

“The beauty of corners,” soothed Serafina, doing likewise, “is that one never quite knows what’s around the other side.”



“The same could be said of holes in the ground,” chimed Brown Rabbit studying his pocket watch like it told more than the time.



“I think he is talking about burrows,” twinkled Serafina.

“Aren’t holes in the ground merely the entrance to burrows,” growled Butch.

“Not necessarily,” smiled Brown Rabbit, and skipped off around the cove.


“Here we go again,” laughed Serafina, taking to the air in pursuit.

“No rest for the wicked,” grumbled Butch, reluctantly following suit.


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