14 thoughts on “‘The thing is’…

  1. OH. Very nice shot of Ben Tee (The fairy mountain).
    Now… if you had moved a couple of hundred metres north by north-west, you would have stumbled on the druid’s grove, from which the V notch of the valley of the loch, sitting to the North East, mirrors the pyramid of the mountain sitting to the South West.
    Since you have recently completed the Silent Eye Solstice of the Moon weekend (AND you have done your homework) you now stand slack jawed in the knowledge that at the druid’s grove, the midsummer sun rises out of the loch in the V notch in which she (the loch) resides, whilst the midwinter sun kisses the top of the fairy mountain just as she (the moon) disappears…
    You can pick yourself up now… πŸ˜‰

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