5 thoughts on “Something fishy…

  1. Ok, As I recall, Jack Black was a pirate. Now I looked under Count Jack Black and could find nothing. I am going to have to find another really good search site. Google is definitely not doing a great job every single time. It brings up a lot of other search engines, but they are not quality ones in my humble opinion!

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  2. ‘The Count’… is a fictional character who first turned up in ‘the Legend of Mister Fox’ one of our Graphic Novels, Anne. He didn’t have a name then, and for a time Don and Wen thought he might actually be the elusive ‘Foxy One’… but apparently not…


  3. Ah so . . . Very interesting. Well, thank you so much for that assist. At least I don’t feel like a dummy now! Very cool. Well, I will get to all those novels in good time, as they say, “God willin’ and the river don’t rise.”

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  4. This is actually a reply for the post, “Sacred Pigs”. So I think the key words, as I looked them all up are vesica, sacred geometry, sacred pigs, birth, death and rebirth, Osiris, gods, tusks, symbolism, female, male, red, black and white. I found a very good resource to read to help me – actually, more than one, and so these things are all key to this mystery, but I am not going to reveal all the things I learned as I don’t want to spoil anyone else’s search. After all, a good mystery involves some solving, and I don’t expect you all to solve them all for us. This is all pretty incredible and everything seems to have a place in this big mystery. Looking things up, or researching, is one of the best ways I learn things because I have to interpret whatever things the teachers give us as clues. Perhaps some are more advanced so they already know all these things, but for me as a beginner, I am enjoying doing all the extra reading because I am dealing with so many things that are not within my realm of contexts and I need to develop those contexts so that when I do get a very specific teaching, it has a “basket” to fit into. Thank you very kindly, one and all.

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