A Grey Area…



The lockdown measures imposed by the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions England) Regulations are some of the most extreme restrictions on fundamental freedoms imposed in the modern era.

They are a disproportionate interference with the rights and freedoms protected by the European Convention on Human Rights and therefore unlawful.

The Regulations gravely impact a number of rights and freedoms including to:

family and private life (Article 8)

religious practice (Article 9)

association and assembly (Article 11)

property (Article 1 of Protocol1)

education (Article 1 of Protocol 1)

…liberty (Article 5)

Field Court Chambers


“A question, your Majesty,” said Teigue-the-Fool, “Does this mean that your Officers of the Law should re-direct their attentions away from rifling through shopping trolleys looking for ‘non-essential items’ to confiscate, and the like, and instead seek out, arrest and incarcerate the perpetrators of this unlawfulness?”


10 thoughts on “A Grey Area…

  1. We have the same thing here. Our government is not allowing people to work, but is providing very limited assistance to help small businesses or individuals who have no income as a result. It is a breach of people’s rights and I don’t understand how this has happened. I don’t believe a virus can be contained using these methods as, when the people eventually emerge, they have no resistance to the bug. How do you ever overcome a virus if nobody builds up immunity to it?

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      1. Maybe to break down people’s psyches and make them more malleable and used to the idea of the erosion of their human rights and being dictated to by governments. Once that process is complete, the governments can start introducing their real programme which may include steps to limit population growth and other controversial things. Just a thought…

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        1. I fully agree with you. It’s starting to get a little scary. Apparently, we have to rely on the United States once again. Just as he has been blasphemed in the media here in Germany since the election of Trump, he certainly can’t hurt enlighten the situation. 😉 Michael.

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