Daily Archives: September 19, 2020

Stocking for a face!…



“Hold-ups… are on the up,” pronounced Teigue-the-Fool, and flung aside the Daily Comet, “which is, ahem, dare I say it, hardly surprising, Sire.”

“Hardly surprising! Hardly surprising,” blustered Big Bee, “hold-ups are a worrying and totally unforseen consequence of our valiant offensive against a genocidal virus!” he finished, with some aplomb.

“Genocidal, I can grant you, but virus?”

“Don’t you have a shed to tidy, that’s what normal people do?”

“And what of the customer?”Chided Teigue.

“Oh, what of the customer?”

“Are they no longer always right?”

“Not when they may be riddled with disease they’re not!”

“Covid. Outcast. Unclean! You mean?”

“Well, yes, something like that.”

“Straight from the Walrus’s mouth, as it were,” sang Teigue.