Daily Archives: September 23, 2020

The Horses Mouth…


Talk Radio September 9th 2020 – ‘I met the heads of the police, and they were really clear, you’ve got to have simpler, more straightforward rules, and fines, so that when people break them we can easily sort them out.’

– ‘Secretary for Health’ confirms that Britain is now a Police State.

Teigue-the-Fool curtailed his game of sand tennis, and started to dance around the House singing, ‘Nice one Matty, nice one son, nice one Matty, let’s have another one!’

‘Shaaaat Aaaaap!’ Yelled Big Bee, to no avail.

‘In the Navy… you can put yourself at ease… In the Navy… no need to pull up trees… In the Navy… we bring Corporations to their knees… In the Navy… In the Navy… In the Navy…’