Daily Archives: November 8, 2020

PUB, anyone?

Ilkwknd 126*

“Today, the 5th November 2020, the Trustees of the People’s Union of Britain served lawful documents upon the UK government cabinet office by hand, but armed policy enforcement officers said they were not allowed to accept any such deliveries.

So a courier was engaged and they were served again, but this time we were told that only mailed documents will be accepted by every government department and the package was returned.

We, therefore, dispatched the documents by Royal Mail Special Delivery and they are due to arrive tomorrow (6th) morning at the Cabinet Office in Whitehall. Electronic copies are also being sent to every member of the cabinet.

Within the notice, we demanded that the UK government:

1. Publicly declares that it has no records of evidence that either the purportedly deadly virus or its cause actually exists, as per the results of numerous Freedom of Information requests to every government department  [which we already have in our possession].

2. Further declares that the Coronavirus Act 2020 is unlawful and the COVID-19 lockdown regulations are legally unenforceable and void ab initio.

3. Further declares that the Queen is no longer sovereign [by way of section 38 of the EU Withdrawal (Agreement) Act 2020, which purported to acknowledge Parliament as sovereign, thereby forfeiting its legitimacy under the Common Law], Parliament is therefore dissolved and British sovereignty automatically reverts to the People.

4. Further declares that Magna Carta 2020 – Declaration of Rights has re-established the Common Law and must be upheld by all government employees, from this day forth.

5. Further declares that it agrees to fully cooperate with comprehensive criminal investigations into the crimes committed against the People, as alleged in Magna Carta 2020.

The UK Government has been given until noon 09/11/2020 to issue the foregoing declarations, in which case the sentences they receive for their crimes will be tempered by their unequivocal agreement to do all they can to put right their myriad wrongdoings.

The two refusals of lawful documents that the cabinet office was obliged to accept and respond to were filmed, along with the mailing of the package, and the video of these events will be released as soon as it has been edited.”

Lest we forget, as those who purport to protect us appear to have forgotten…