HM15 1170*

I believe…


HM15 1186*

…I am part of where I think I am…


HM15 1169*

…because I surround myself…


HM15 1247*

…with the environment I want…


HM15 1206*

…in order to protect the image…


HM15 1242*

…of myself I have made.

22 thoughts on “Hydrology…

      1. Very!
        But blown the budget this year already (both in £ and in days… 😦 ) and since September now (officially) marks the Grand Relocation of The Bucket of Destiny, need to be around here I’m afraid… 😦
        I do, of course, expect pics and full reportage! 😀

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          1. lol more like 15.
            It will be a sad day… but he is well beyond retirement age, and we just can’t find anyone willing to apprentice to the old fella…
            There will be a party, and, of course, the compulsory presentation of long service medals, gold watch, and such.
            He feels like such a part of the family, as do all his relations who have been popping in to help him out on occassion – the bucket-ettes, the tin cans, and the you-can’t-use-that-it’s-an-antiques (married above herself, that one did!).
            He’ll be glad to go, I suppose. Spend some quality time with all the teeny great-grand-pots…
            He has no idea, of course… so keep it under your hat. Don’t want to spoli the surprise… Though, to be perfectly honest, the old duffer is so forgetful these days, he probably wouldn’t remember anyway. Sad to see them lose that sparkle of their youth… *sigh*
            (Yes… I think I will go lie down now… LOL)

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