The Ticket Inspector…


I am late.

I am expected in Leicester and now my only option is to catch the last train.

The last train to Leicester is a slow train and also appears to be experiencing difficulties.

Stopping where there are no stations.

That sort of thing.

It becomes clear that many of my fellow passengers are not going to get to their destinations and as the ticket inspector makes his round they discuss alternatives together.

As this is an unfamiliar route I assume that Leicester too is now out of the question.

A strange thing about the ticket inspector, although this is a new route and I have never met him before, he knows my name…

“Yes, Stu…”

…and uses its familiar form.

“You’ll be in Leicester in twenty minutes time.”

Not only does the ticket inspector know my name and use its familiar form, he is also incredibly accurate.

My alarm clock is due to go off in precisely twenty minutes time.



31 thoughts on “The Ticket Inspector…

  1. Reminds we of a time I was sitting in a train in Liverpool, It failed to move for quite a while. Then the inspector came over the tannoy to apologise. Ten minutes later he came on again to apologise once again for the continuing delay. At the end of his announcement he said β€œI will let you know when the train is moving.” Thoughtful or what? I think that can be best filed under β€œor what”. πŸ˜€

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  2. Delving into Harry Potter, I presume??? Stuart, you are one amazing person, and you should become a professional writer! Chuckles. Oh wait, you ARE . . .Excellent and you certainly held me spellbound for that few minutes!

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