COVID-1984 PCP Update | Final Review of Statement of Case


This is just a quick update, for all those who are waiting for news about the laying of the papers, in the Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson for pandemic fraud.

First and foremost, the final draft of the statement of the case is currently being reviewed, whilst we wait for several expert witness statements to be executed and returned to us. Once we have received them, the papers will be laid and there are no further foreseeable hold-ups on the horizon.

Nevertheless, patience may still be required because it could take days or even weeks for the court’s legal department to assess the papers before the applications are put before a judge, who will then decide whether we have cited enough prima facie evidence to proceed.

If every pledge we have received is fulfilled [and we have no reason to believe they won’t be] we will be filing expert witness statements from a professor, five doctors, a solicitor, a mathematician, two data analysts, and an independent researcher, along with seventy-nine exhibits in support of the prosecution’s charges of fraud.

It goes without saying that additional evidence will be added to the file, as and when it comes in, during our continuing investigations into the crimes alleged.

However, we already have way more prima facie evidence than the court requires to issue summonses for the defendants to plead before a senior judge, in which case the PCP will be listed to be heard by a jury at the earliest opportunity…

Therefore, it seems appropriate to end this somewhat eclectic update with the following review of the 107-page statement of the case I have compiled for the PCP, from one of our crack team of legal scholars and researchers, delivered just after he finished reading the 1st draft:

“Its immense strength comes through its stark logic… That is the mark of how powerful it is – a distillation down to bare, cold facts… It is a ticking time-bomb. A hand-grenade down the pants of each defendant.”

The Bernician

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