The Confident Lies Told by the Media – Gary Vasey

From ‘Our Man’ in Czechia…


I’m sitting here in Brno, Czechia having just read a number of articles in media like CNN, BBC, The Guardian and so on about the Czech election this weekend. In all, there is a super confident reporting of either total fiction or perhaps wishful thinking. These people frame the events here in the context of their own woke-ridden sad existences either to push these ideas or believing they really know what is going on.

Let them tell you what just happened.

A relatively new centrist party called ANO led by a Slovak billionaire rumored to have been a secret policeman under communism who made all his money in the strange years following the collapse of communism, lost the election. By a whisker. It amuses me how Babis (the billionaire leader of ANO) is portrayed as a ‘populist’ a la Trump in one breath and an ally of the far right leader of Hungary, on the other. His anti-EU and anti-globalist take are mentioned over and over again.

It’s all nonsense!

Babis is probably corrupt. He built his party as an anti-corruption party but has demonstrated ‘corruption’ since day one being mentioned in many scandals – none of which ever appear to stick no matter how good the evidence. Like many billionaires, as we all got poorer, he got richer using his position of influence. He can deny it until he is blue in the face but when in a lockdown you close everything except pharmacies, food stores and so on but leave florists open, its easy to be suspicious. Especially when you know that one man owns the vast majority of florists in the country…..

Babis is loved or hated here with a passion. He is nicknamed Grandma because his last name is similar to the word for Grandma. It isn’t just the fact that he clearly is using his position for personal gain, its the fact that he seemingly cannot delegate anything and so tries to run everything himself over ruling those around him continually changing his mind on every issue every five minutes or as it suits his businesses and objectives. There is a growing section of people here that literally hate the man.

His election loss is purely down to that.

The coalition that won by a whisker is comprised of two right wing parties and a central christian party who, to form a Government, must hook up with the Pirate party – a bunch of long-haired, tattooed and hole-punched woke globalist socialists that is virtually the new communist party. It isn’t a Liberal-Conservative coalition at all. It is a coalition of nascent enemies who immediately they have power, will start to shaft each other with vengeance. It won’t last five minutes.

Meanwhile, the average Czech hasn’t changed their sentiment at all…

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