Shhhhh! – Gary Vasey



  • A 17-year-old athlete from Colverde collapses while training with cardiac arrest France,
  • 49 years old SC Massay player dead of heart attack during the game
  • Mexico, Caddy Alberto Olguin collapses on the golf course after a heart attack 29 years old
  • Shrewsbury striker Ryan Bowman treated with defibrillator during play with extreme heart problems
  • Italy, 18 year old soccer player suddenly faints on the field
  • France, 40 years old A Saint-James player suffers a heart attack after warming up
  • Italy, 59 years old long-distance runner from Biella dies of heart failure during a race
  • Germany, Women’s League match, a player collapses shortly before the end without any opposing influence. 25 years
  • German goalkeeper Lukas Bommer dies suddenly and unexpectedly
  • Mexico, 16 years old student Hector Manuel Mendoza dies of a heart attack while training
  • Brazil, 18 years old pro footballer Fellipe de Jesus Moreira has double heart attack and is fighting for his life.
  • Italy, 27 years old cycling champion Gianni Moscon has to undergo an operation because of severe cardiac arrhythmias
  • Augsburg referee of a Kreisliga Augsburg game in Emersacker collapses with heart problems.
  • English lineswoman Helen Byrne, heart problems has to be carried off the pitch at world cup
  • Germany Game abandoned due to cardiac arrest of the referee in a game of Lauber SV
  • Italy, 20 years old young rider suffers a heart attack.
  • 17-year-old soccer player of the JSG High Hagen has revived during game
  • 53-year-old football coach Antonello Campus dead
  • 16 years old collapses while playing soccer and dies a little later
  • Germany Team leader Dietmar Gladow suffers a fatal heart attack before the game
  • USA a high school football player collapsed during practice and died in the hospital…

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