Weirdness – G. Michael Vasey



Just a few months ago, the powers that be seemed intent on creating a two tier system of vaxxed and un-vaxxed. Politicians routinely attempted to light the fires of hatred and division by calling people who chose to exercise their right to dictate their own health management a threat to society, mentally retarded, evil and a whole host of other names. The media – our mutual enemy – echoed this gleefully. There were calls for incarceration of the un-vaxxed – put them in camps they said….. Some wished us death and suffering and others suggested we should be denied healthcare and other services. Indeed, in ex-fascist countries like Austria and Germany, they even implemented some of this by creating a system of apartheid. In other so-called democracies, the un-vaxxed were denied life saving surgeries and the like all justifiable because we were the new unclean – the new subhuman.

We have seen this all before – warned some of us. ‘Never again’ was supposed to be ingrained in our culture but how easily and quickly the masses of humanity showed its total inhumanity. All promoted and pushed by the triumvirate of politicians, high tech companies and the mainstream media (and WEF).

Here we are a few months later and this has all but gone. It evaporated overnight as more and more people woke up to the fact that the vaccines didn’t work, caused horrendous side effects and that ‘Covid’ in its latest form, wasn’t much of a deal at all frankly. The Russian invasion of Ukraine also allowed the Triumvirate to create a new monster in our minds without even a hint of apology for their disgusting and inhuman calls for the annihilation of the unclean un-vaxxed – the Russian. Once again, they show their total inhumanity…. like the average Russian would be in favour of cold blooded murder of their fellow Slavs in a neighboring country if they actually had a clue as to what was going on…

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