uffington and rollright 004A writer and mystic, Stuart has a deep and practical knowledge of the Western Mystery Tradition, having followed a Path that has taken him hopping through the branches of the Trees of Knowledge and Delight. His astonishing work with symbolism and the interpretation of myth comes from a profound understanding and love of life and humanity.

uffington and rollright 038After gaining his BA in Philosophy and Literature, and his MA in Creative Writing, this Child of Light studied with OBOD, AMORC, and the Servants of the Light and is a Director of The Silent Eye School of Consciousness.

uffington and rollright 009Stuart and I began writing together almost by chance, following an adventure at Uffington and Wayland’s Smithy in Wiltshire where the hawks began to lead us on a fantastic voyage of discovery. We have recently begun to work on our sixth book together, ably abetted by a confused small dog.P1000968

He declines all responsibility for this introduction, quite rightly blaming me.

Sue Vincent

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    1. Hi Seansea, the books are inspired by what might be called ‘a land based spirituality’. The earlier books ‘Crucible…’ and ‘…Living One’ were part of a process of discovering such inspiration in the land of my birth which paradoxically involved travelling to the other side of the world. The later books are linked to my work with The Silent Eye, School of Consciousness which includes such spirituality as part of its teaching.

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