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World Views: Darwinism?


“Darwinian Natural Selection is all about the differential survival of replicators. There are various kinds of replicators of which genes are some and memes are others, and they engage  in a kind of tussle which each other to survive as replicators using vehicles  which are bodies and which are brains and which are all sorts of other artefacts…

Our separate genes, although we unite them together under one word, genome, are similar to viruses in that they are changing their partners in every generation and you can regard the whole genome as a massive collection of viruses, of independently tussling replicators who survive better because they go around together as a gang.”

–  Richard Dawkins


What to say about this? It is structural and mechanistic. It lacks an aesthetic. It mis-assigns ‘will’ as an insecure and immature accident of design. It might be better described as a World Speculation rather than a World View because the things with which it deals cannot be seen by the human eye but can only be posited by the human mind.  A ‘World Vision’, then? As a ‘World Vision’ it is heartless. Our vision of Charles Robert Darwin clambering aboard HMS Beagle, with all the mysteries of a Natural World before him, calling for exploration, is full to brimming with heart…

Singular Mind…


Few are born to ascent.

Those few that are may lack the strength of character to attempt it.

Without recklessness it is almost inconceivable.

Our Minstrel, hazards the mountain path alone,

and asks none for advice, for who could tell him even of its existence?

If he falters, his limbs rot where they fall.

Torn from his torso by that pitiless Cave Bear who crouches,

ravenous, in the depths of our consciousness.

‘This Time’…


…The phrase itself can be used to represent or to predict.

Also worth contemplating?


In the Timaeus, Plato relates the legend of Atlantis,

A fabled isle of plenty now, and also in his day, lost to the ocean-bed.


The authorities are fond of quoting Plato

And usually regard his opinions as reliable

If not infallible…

But on the issue of Atlantis they ‘carp’ incessantly

And fail to give it any credance.

Perhaps, because Plato had the story from his ancestor, Solon.