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Words beyond the tongue…


Faces Beyond Form…



It is beyond question that what would,

today, be regarded as three separate sites are in fact one.



Though distinct, with individual identities,

each facet works together with the other as one whole.



Given that the Stride, from Hart Hill, sights, frames

and tracks the midsummer moon we might be forgiven for thinking that…



… Robin’s Hood is…



…the Earth’s shadow.




…Well, if they did,

they also intended us to work for it.


Part of our problem proved to be scale.

What we call a lay-by is large and well marked.

What they call a lay-by is more of a ‘passing-point’…

And on a fast road, is easy to miss,

or pass-by, which we did,

at least three times whilst actively looking for it.


Another part of the problem

is sign-posts disguised as fences.

Cunning that.

Anyone would think that they do not really want visitors to find




But as we were about to discover,

some experiences are well worth working for.