Angels, Angels, everywhere III…


“The nine orders of Angelic Being mattered because the divisions echoed the Trinity and because they corresponded to the nine-fold partition of the heavens.”



“From the Empyrean in descending order the spheres were those of the ‘first mover’, the fixed stars, saturn, jupiter, mars, sun, venus, mercury and moon. The Nine Hierarchies of Angelic Being each regulated one of these spheres.”



“Although this order was familiar to the Elizabethans, they thought nothing of ‘playing fast and loose’ with it and before long the Archangels had been ‘promoted’ to the place of the Seraphim.”

With quite ‘devastating’ results for the world at large…


7 thoughts on “Angels, Angels, everywhere III…

  1. I reblogged one of the last ones on

    So of course I looked up all the symbolism of the number 9. Such a wealth of meanings – all of them significant. For me, one of the most fun things is trying to figure out the mysteries each time. Looking up the meaning of words and places and where they are located. It is fascinating. I am trying hard not to spoil anyone else’s attempt to solve the mysteries even though I love to share. So I am making it a point not to reveal too much of what I have uncovered, even though it may not be right.

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