It is entirely possible that this ‘fella’ once stood in a ‘circle’.

He now guards a lay-by in an unassuming stretch of Dartmoor,

if such a thing can be said to exist.



Nearby, stands a ‘wayside cross’ which may not be a cross at all.

It may be a ‘hammer’ or a ‘thunder-bolt’.

It may even be a sign post…



We posit such querulous notions

only because the landscape

again appeared to be offering us ‘clues’.



And shortly after this impromptu stop,

the Dragon’s Breath completely whited us out…

We may have to go back again.

10 thoughts on “Callings…

  1. I think that several of these rocks do not look like crosses or dragon’s breath, but to me they look like women and one appears to be dancing as they might have done for the summer or winter solstice. Just my take, and the one at the front of the article does look like a find old gent still standing proud and strong and still guarding. Thank you for making these available to us. They are just wonderful. I am wanting to move to England more every day. Just spending time at the ruins and the beautiful landscapes and magical symbols everywhere would take all my time or most of it.

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