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Peek-a-Boo Flu…


Big-Bee’s bunker looked like it had been burgled by way of an untidy search…


The rustling and scraping sound emanating from a corner of the room

behind the television-screen suggested that the burglar may very well

have still been about his or her untidy search.


“What the devil…” exclaimed Big-Bee, peering incredulously

around the edge of the television-screen at a now wide-eyed

Teigue-the-Fool seemingly caught red-handed, “…are you up to?”


Teigue thrust the latest edition of The Moon under Big-Bee’s nose.

The front-page headline read, ‘Flu eradicated!’

“It’s not possible to eradicate coronaviruses sire,” said Teigue,

“So, it must be here somewhere.”


“You think I’m hiding a virus in my bunker! Have you gone mad?”

“Not the virus, sire. The announcement that you were intending

to run the Flu and Covid statistics together.”


“Out!” shouted Big-Bee,

his hand shaking uncontrollably, as he pointed to the door.




Big Bee flung open the door to his bunker and glared!

He was a trifle red around the gills.

“What’s up now?” asked Teigue-the Fool.

“Bloody cops, charging and arresting a group of defenceless women!” raged Big Bee.

“Applying your ‘laws’ you mean?”

Big Bee shot Teigue a ‘don’t mess with me in this mood’ sort of look,

which Teigue, as was his wont, completely ignored,

“All protests should be equal before the law,” he smiled.

Big Bee started to growl, menacingly.

“But don’t worry,” continued Teigue, “I have a solution.”

“You do?” said Big Bee, suspiciously.

“I do.”

“Let’s hear it then…”

“Given that a policeman, sorry police person, has been arrested for the murder of the woman whose death has sparked this latest peaceful protest…”


“And that the murder took place after six-pee-em…”

“Go on…”

“We just need a curfew for all police officers after that time to make the streets safe for all women!”

Big Bee buried his head in his hands and started to sob, quietly…









Would you jump off a cliff if the Government asked you to?


I can still remember the mirth when a Soviet commentator

completely ignored a goal by the opposing team in a late seventies world cup match.


Such examples of ‘cognitive dissonance’ are now commonplace in our own media.

Even worse, ‘we’ now habitually peddle fake news and spin stories to fit political bias.


Late seventies footage of Soviet housewives queuing for bread

was the image often resorted to when a need to re-assert our own superiority was necessary.


Our own food bank queues now regularly extend for miles.


None of this is due to a virus but to the government policy implemented to deal with it.


Would you jump off a cliff if the Government asked you to?

Count Jack Black




PCP Papers Laid Alleging Pandemic Fraud Against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance & Ferguson...

At 16:23 pm on the afternoon of 19th March 2021, one year after the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens’ decision to reclassify COVID-19 as no longer being considered a High Consequence Infectious Disease was published by Public Health England, the charge papers were laid electronically at a south London Magistrates Court, in the People’s Union of Britain’s momentous Private Criminal Prosecution against Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson for pandemic fraud.

Early next week, the court will receive a 1,200 page bundle of evidence, which includes expert witness statements from two professors, three doctors, a dental surgeon, a probate solicitor, a mathematician, a retired nuclear submarine data analyst, an independent data analyst and a former CID fraud detective, who is acting as a trustee of the PUB in bringing this most serious of prosecutions to the criminal court.

Declaration Sought

In addition to the charges of fraud by false representation and non-disclosure, in material breaches of sections 2 and 3 of the Fraud Act 2006, we are informally applying for a declaration, under the inherent powers of the court, which states that autopsies are to be carried out for all alleged COVID deaths, which will be held as evidence in the forthcoming trial, on the ground that we have expert witness testimony of the falsification of death certificates, as per UK Government policy.

We are also asking for a moratorium on the UK flu and COVID ‘vaccinations’ programmes to be declared for period of at least 90 days, in order to definitively establish whether it is COVID-19 or ‘vaccines’ that are killing people at a minimum mortality rate of 377 per 100,000 healthy adults, as per the leaked WHO approved ‘vaccine’ safety study which we are adducing into evidence.

Prima Facie Evidence

They told us they wanted more prima facie evidence when we made the last application in late 2020, seeking the arrest of Matt Hancock for fraud by non-disclosure over the declassification of COVID-19 by the ACDP.

Well, now they have a veritable boatload of the stuff heading their way, so prepare yourselves for the inevitable fall-out on the near horizon, after the defendants’ QC’s tell them that their only defence is to plead gross negligence. However, the evidence is so emphatic that they knew exactly what they were doing that the jury will almost certainly convict them as charged.

Nevertheless, don’t expect the defendants to be wheeled off in handcuffs by tomorrow morning. Whilst it is just about conceivable that the court’s legal department could make an initial assessment of the case by the end of next week, even if it happens that swiftly, the matter will then be passed to the Chief Magistrate of the UK’s legal department, which will probably take at least another week to make their assessment.

Potential Turnaround

In the event all of that is turned around within the next two weeks, the case would then be passed to a senior district judge, who must then decide whether to grant the applications for the summonses and the declaration, whether on paper or at a hearing.

If the summons application is granted, a pleading hearing would then be listed to take place within the next couple of weeks. This would take us to 28 days from now and probably represents the earliest time that the defendants will be summonsed to plead in the Magistrates Court. The informal application for the declaration would also be dealt with at that hearing.

Given the seriousness of the charges and the urgency of the situation, with clear evidence of fraud with murderous consequences already adduced into evidence, we will then ask the court to list a trial by jury at the very earliest opportunity, which will almost certainly take place at the Old Bailey.

If and when all of that transpires rests on the judgment of a single district judge, who will necessarily have experience dealing with such serious charges. However, it is the considered opinion of the former CID fraud detective and the team behind the scenes who have supported me every step of the way that the Statement of Case is “monumental”, “truly historical” and:

“Regardless of the judiciary’s response to it, once the information is in the public realm/consciousness, along with the cited evidence, it will be incendiary…”

Banged To Rights

Before I sign off, to reflect on the truly extraordinary progress we have made during the course of the past dystopian year, it seems somewhat fitting to leave you with this.

If I’d had the evidential weight we have in this case in my family’s High Court actions against Bank of Scotland, it would have taken a year to beat them, instead of almost a decade…

The Bernician


‘Thick as Thieves’…


Big-Bee re-entered his bunker and appraised the scene.

“I nearly died,” he said taking in the piles of foolscap ‘sky-scrapering’ every available surface.

“There are now many who wish you had,” said Teigue-the-Fool, from behind one of the sky-scrapers.

“Treason is still punishable by death in this country you know,” said Big-Bee.

“So’s genocide,” replied Teigue, cheerfully.

“What is all this, anyway?” said Big-Bee.

“Evidence and affidavits,” said Teigue.

“Evidence of what?” said Big-Bee.

“Government incompetence, mainly,” said Teigue.

“Good job I’m back then,” said Big-Bee, “You’d better fill me in.”

“When asked why our death rate is the highest in Europe, one of your ministers claimed it was because we collect our data differently from other countries.”

“Bugger!” said Big-Bee, “That’s practically an admission of malfeasance.”

“Or an indication we’re less dishonest than the governments of other countries.”

“More honest, yes, I like that,” said Big-Bee.

“Except, when asked the same question another one of your ministers claimed our population was older and more obese than that of other European countries,” continued Teigue.

“Dammit, blaming the people for this mess is not necessarily the best way to go.”

“Nor particularly honest, either,” shrugged Teigue, “Italy has a far older population than we do, and you yourself have recently claimed that our ‘new variant strain’ is more deadly than the original infection.”

“Yes, I did didn’t I,” said Big-Bee puffing himself up, and then noticing Teigue’s expression, “Well, what of it?”

“That’s not how viruses work, sire.”

“What do you mean?”

“They mutate to ensure survival, not annihilation.”

“Who says so?”

“The science of Charles Darwin, says so.”

“Isn’t that Old-Science?” asked Big-Bee.

“Old but still current, sire,” replied Teigue with a weak smile.

“I nearly died,” said Big-Bee.

 “Yes, you said, sire,” said Teigue-the-Fool, and shook his rattle.

One of the paper sky-scrapers shuddered and slid slowly from its desk-top to the floor with a gut-wrenching ‘fallollop’…









“It is usual medical practice

to quarantine the sick

not the healthy…


It is the job of a medical practice

to protect its clients

not vice versa…


Whenever a narrative

uses the word ‘unprecedented’,

be suspicious!”


For those still sleeping, ‘unprecedented’ means un-natural.

‘Un-natural’ means contrived.

‘Contrived’ means politically motivated…


– Count Jack Black

Something there is in equality…


She emerged from the shop just in time to see her young son playing on the pavement directly in the path of a grey, gaunt man who strode along like an automated derelict.

Her heart quailed.

Then she  leapt forward, grabbed her son by the arm and pulled him from harm’s way…

The man strode by without turning his head. As his back moved away from her, she hissed at it, ‘Be gone! You ought to be ashamed!’

The grey man’s stride continued, unfaltering as clockwork, but to himself he muttered, ‘Ashamed? Ashamed?’

His face contorted into a grimace, ‘Covid! Outcast! Unclean!’

– Count Jack Black  (apologies, Stephen Donaldson)