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Deja vu?…


“I want to talk about our responsibilities in the face of danger.

The events of this year may have helped to illuminate that danger,

but the dimensions of its threat have loomed large on the horizon for many years.


There is no escaping either the gravity or the totality of this danger to our survival.

Its challenge confronts us in unaccustomed ways in every sphere of human activity.


This challenge imposes upon our society a requirement of direct concern:

the need for reliable public information.


There is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation

if our traditions do not survive with it.


I ask every news publisher, every news editor

and every news man and news woman in the nation

to re-examine their own standards

and to recognise the nature of our country’s peril.


Our way of life is under attack.


The danger has never been more clear

and its presence has never been more imminent.


We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless organisation

that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence…

On infiltration… On subversion… On intimidation…

Its preparations are concealed,

its mistakes are buried,

its dissenters are silenced.


I commend this problem to your attention

and urge its thoughtful consideration.


I cannot believe that those citizens who serve

in the news media business consider

themselves exempt from this appeal.

It is your obligation to inform and alert the people,

to make certain that they possess the facts that they need

and understand them as well…

the perils… the prospects… the purpose of any proposed program,

and the choices they face.


I have complete confidence in the response

and dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed,

complete confidence, when fully informed, that they will

strive to remain what they were born to be,

independent, and free…”

– Count Jack Black (apologies to JFK)

Free Society!…


Big Bee hunkered over his desk with his head in his hands.

Teigue-the-Fool was running amok…

“In what sense can we be regarded as a free society when we have a litany of regulations governing our every move?”

Much more of this and Big Bee would scream, “We are a free society because I say we are a free society,” he said.

“Ah, I see,” said Teigue-the-Fool, “you are using the word ‘free’ in the same way that the American Administration uses the word ‘peace’.”

“Huh?” Said Big Bee.

“To mean the exact opposite of its dictionary definition.”

“I’m not listening,” said Big Bee and clamped his hands over his ears.

“But the people have questions, Sire,” said Teigue-the-Fool and removed Big Bee’s hands from his ears.

“What kind of questions?” asked Big Bee, dejectedly.

“What kind of ‘virus’ discriminates between small and corporate businesses?”

Big Bee said nothing.

“What kind of ‘virus’ discriminates between the man in the street and the world’s elite athletes?”

Big Bee said nothing.

“What kind of ‘virus’ discriminates between ‘peaceful protestors’ and ‘riotous children’?”

Big Bee’s silence had become deafening.

“The word on the street, Sire, is that the virus is man-made.”

Big Bee exploded.


“No Sire,” said Teigue-the-Fool, “just manipulated.”




Stocking for a face!…



“Hold-ups… are on the up,” pronounced Teigue-the-Fool, and flung aside the Daily Comet, “which is, ahem, dare I say it, hardly surprising, Sire.”

“Hardly surprising! Hardly surprising,” blustered Big Bee, “hold-ups are a worrying and totally unforseen consequence of our valiant offensive against a genocidal virus!” he finished, with some aplomb.

“Genocidal, I can grant you, but virus?”

“Don’t you have a shed to tidy, that’s what normal people do?”

“And what of the customer?”Chided Teigue.

“Oh, what of the customer?”

“Are they no longer always right?”

“Not when they may be riddled with disease they’re not!”

“Covid. Outcast. Unclean! You mean?”

“Well, yes, something like that.”

“Straight from the Walrus’s mouth, as it were,” sang Teigue.

Something there is in equality…


She emerged from the shop just in time to see her young son playing on the pavement directly in the path of a grey, gaunt man who strode along like an automated derelict.

Her heart quailed.

Then she  leapt forward, grabbed her son by the arm and pulled him from harm’s way…

The man strode by without turning his head. As his back moved away from her, she hissed at it, ‘Be gone! You ought to be ashamed!’

The grey man’s stride continued, unfaltering as clockwork, but to himself he muttered, ‘Ashamed? Ashamed?’

His face contorted into a grimace, ‘Covid! Outcast! Unclean!’

– Count Jack Black  (apologies, Stephen Donaldson)


Compliance is not Consent…


It was not so long ago now

that the ‘purge on plastic’ commenced.


Good progress was made.


We were encouraged to feel

like agents of change for the better…


To think now of the industrial manufacture

of personal protective equipment

gives the lie to so much authoritarian posturing.


There is something loose on the planet,

which is almost Mercurially sly.


We did not vote for this…

– Count Jack Black

A Grey Area…



The lockdown measures imposed by the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions England) Regulations are some of the most extreme restrictions on fundamental freedoms imposed in the modern era.

They are a disproportionate interference with the rights and freedoms protected by the European Convention on Human Rights and therefore unlawful.

The Regulations gravely impact a number of rights and freedoms including to:

family and private life (Article 8)

religious practice (Article 9)

association and assembly (Article 11)

property (Article 1 of Protocol1)

education (Article 1 of Protocol 1)

…liberty (Article 5)

Field Court Chambers


“A question, your Majesty,” said Teigue-the-Fool, “Does this mean that your Officers of the Law should re-direct their attentions away from rifling through shopping trolleys looking for ‘non-essential items’ to confiscate, and the like, and instead seek out, arrest and incarcerate the perpetrators of this unlawfulness?”




“It is usual medical practice

to quarantine the sick

not the healthy…


It is the job of a medical practice

to protect its clients

not vice versa…


Whenever a narrative

uses the word ‘unprecedented’,

be suspicious!”


For those still sleeping, ‘unprecedented’ means un-natural.

‘Un-natural’ means contrived.

‘Contrived’ means politically motivated…


– Count Jack Black